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Nothing in the WORLD is more COMFORTABLE and RELAXING than an Disability Disabled Full Size Adjustable Bed.  Why?  Because you get the control in your hand.  You get to adjust your back and your legs to almost any position you desire.

If you have a BAD BACK, you can elevate your legs to reverse the pressure on your LOWER BACK.  If you have ever read a BACK PAIN book, the book will show you pictures of people with pillows underneath their legs, or people with their legs up upon a stool or chair or up against the wall.  No other  Bed, but a Handicap  Handicapped Adjustable Bed, allows you to electrically elevate your legs to reverse and reduce the pressure on your lower back.  You simply stop where you are most comfortable.


senior fullsize adjustable bedhandicap and handicappedOther people have SWELLING OF THE LEGS, Muscle Cramps, Varicose Veins and Circulator Problems.  The Doctor will usually tell you to get your LEGS and FEET above your HEART level.  This is what also makes your Elderly  Senior Adjustable Bed very RELAXING, just like getting your legs up on a Recliner Chair. 


When you are on your FEET all day, or are sitting all day, it is harder on your VENOUS system, because your CIRCULATORY system is working against gravity.  Have you ever been so tired where you are exhausted or feel like you wish like you were upside down.  Well, on your Disabled  Disability Adjustable Bed you can actually elevate your Legs above your Heart Level to let GRAVITY work with your Venous System, instead of against it.  After all, the medical definition, of Varicose Veins is simply when Gravity becomes stronger than the muscles in your veins (that push the flow back to your heart).  Many people with Diabetes find elevating their legs a real health benefit.  Those with Swelling of the Legs simply allow Gravity to work with the flow toward the heart, instead of against it.


"I am very happy with my  Bed. My only problem is I am so comfortable, I never want to leave it."
                                                                                                                                                                            Dorothy C. Sires - Aiken, South Carolina



elderly and seniorMedical Double Size  Bed Picture


medical fullsize adjustable bedsTHE HIGHER THE BACK, you can help take the pressure off your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back.  Again, you simply stop where you are most comfortable.  Today, most people have a TV in the  Bedroom, or like to READ in  Bed.  You simply adjust your back and your legs to where you are most comfortable.  Some people have trouble getting IN and OUT of  Bed; you simply elevate the Back in the completely UP Position, and you will be in an almost complete SITTING Position.  It is important to NOTE that if you have trouble getting in our out of  Bed, it is also important to get your  Bed at the Right Height.  You can get an Medical Adjustable Bed to be made at a lower height or a higher height.  You want your THIGHS to be above your KNEE height - it is twice as easy to stand up!

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elderly senior adjustable bedIMPORTANT TO NOTE:  An Elderly Senior Adjustable Bed bends exactly how your Body Bends.  There is ONE Section for your Upper Back (sitting bones to the top of your head), SECOND: Hips (Lower Back to your Knees) and THIRD: Legs (knees to your heels).  These are also the same exact THREE dimensions like you are sitting on a chair.  It is very important that you get on Your Handicapped Adjustable Bed correctly:  that your body bends in the same areas as your Adjustable Bed.  We recommend to start with the Top of Your Head EQUAL to the Top of the End of your Handicap Adjustable Bed.  If you don't get on your Disability Adjustable Bed correctly, ALL the positions will be bending incorrectly, and you will NOT be keeping your Upper Back completely straight - like slouching on a chair. 


orthopedic and homecareYour Medical Adjustable Bed Factory Representative is here to help you find the best size, length, width, height, mattress, firmness, hand control, massage system, model and option.  Your 100% Satisfaction is our First and Foremost Goal.  Buying online, by yourself, is a little too confusing and important a purchase without having an experienced "teacher".  We have an A Rating with the BBB and are the most Trusted Name in Disabled Adjustable AdjustableBeds because we believe that selling is simply educating you on your best choices:  We only do one thing and it is for you!

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disability and disabledWe are the manufacturer of the Model 585, the World's Best-Built Elderly Adjustable Bed; and also offer Adjustable Bed Models from other manufacturer's (3 motor high-low Disability Flex-A-  Bed, 600 Pound Prodigy, Handicapped Wall-Hugger S-cape and Higher in the Back Homecare  Orthopedic Reverie) that may have certain features Better than the Mode 585.  Our "secret formula" for success is to be very sincere in getting your ONLY what we feel is BEST for you - even it that means telling you to buy somewhere else.  We also realize that your COST is always a  primary concern.  We have the best prices on Used Senior Adjustable AdjustableBeds, Economy, Good, Very Good and the Best Models. 

Disabled Adjustable AdjustableBeds

We welcome you into the family of ELECTRIC-PEDIC Disabled Adjustable AdjustableBeds, a family owned and operated company since 1964.  Before you buy a Disabled Adjustable Bed, compare Price,Quality, Guarantee and Service.  Disabled adjustable AdjustableBeds are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself.  Disabled adjustable AdjustableBeds are designed for the ultimate in comfort, by electrically Disabled your back and your legs to almost any position you desire, making the one third of your life you spend in  Bed, more luxurious.  Select a size for your personal use, and take a health break:  Twins, Fulls, Queens, Kings, Dual Queen and Dual Kings.  Select a Disabled Adjustable Bed mattress and firmness for your health use, and take a comfort break: Air, Innerspring, Latex Foam and  Tempurpedic Memory Foam.  Disabled adjustable AdjustableBeds are recommended for Back Condition, Arthritis, Heart, Breathing, Circulatory, Hiatal Hernia, Varicose Veins, Swelling of the Legs and Muscle Cramps.  Whether for health, sleep, watching TV or PURE COMFORT, Disabled Adjustable Bed owners would never sleep on anything else.  Choose from ELECTRIC-PEDIC WH2 - the World's Best-Built Electric Disabled Adjustable Bed; and many sister Disabled Adjustable Bed Manufacturers:  Leggett and Platt S-Cape, Prodigy and Promotion Disabled AdjustableBeds; Primo; FlexA  Bed and Reverie Disabled AdjustableBeds.  At ELECTRIC-PEDIC, we've been making "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business since 1964. . . and when you've been doing the same thing for 48 years, you get pretty good at it.  Contact us today 800-551-2010.  You'll Be Glad You Did!

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