Hospital Beds for Sale

  1. Flex-A-Bed 3 Motor Hospital Bed
  2. Graham Field Prodigy Hospital Bed highest quality 3-motor fully electric hospital bed  BEST DEAL!
  3. Invacare 3-Motor Fully Electric Hospital Bed
  4. Invacare Low Fully Electric Hospital Bed
  5. Tuffcare Alzheimer Hospital Bed
  6. Tuffcare Hospital Beds
  7. Tuffcare Low 7" Hospital Bed

Today, we represent all the major manufacturer's of Hospital Beds and Hospital Bed Mattresses.  


bed that raises up and down valiant


We sell direct to the public and to many hospitals, sleep centers and bariatric facilities.  

If you are interested in Medicare or Insurance Billing, please ask for Dept. J at 800-233-7382.  If you are interested, also ask about our USED HOSPITAL BEDS selection of Hospital Beds at 1/2 OFF Regular Price (800)727-1954


Electric Hospital Beds

"Each morning now, my feet are completely reduced from swelling."
         Elisa M. Dollarhide-Northridge, California


kings pride 1000 adjustable hospital beds mattress

Fold & Roll


Fully ELectric Hospital Bed

Cardio-Chair Reclining features of theTransfer-Master Sleeper Lounge or Tri-Flex help maintain comfort, respiratory and circulatory functions. Cardio-Chair reclining positions are also used in pain avoidance positioning creating pressure relief that may also ultimately help to prevent decubitus ulcers. If someone is disabled, Cardio-Chair Reclining features are surely an added benefit.


If Bed Sores (Stages I-IV) are a concern, there are many advanced technology, special therapeutic support, alternating air and Lateral Rotation Therapy mattresses available. We would recommend, for one, the fine mattresses from Blue Chip.



Over 350 Pounds considered by Medicare as Heavy-Duty. We are specialists in Hospital Beds in all sizes with up to 1000 Pound weight capability.


Our expertise as the manufacturer of Adjustable Beds gives us an inside track in getting you the right Hospital Bed with the right features and options.

We sell direct to the public and to many hospitals, sleep centers and bariatric facilities.  

USED selection of Hospital Beds at 1/2 OFF Regular Price.


  1. Burke-Bariatric TriFlex Heavy-Duty Hospital Beds Burke Bariatric Ultima 60 Home Care Bed 600 lb Tri-Flex


  3. Electropedic Adjustable Beds


  5. Evermed Hospital Beds


  7. Invacare Hospital Beds

  8. Sleeper Lounge Adjustable Hospital Beds


  1. Sunrise-Medical Hospital Beds w/Trendellenberg


  3. Transfer Master Hi-Lo Adjustable Beds 302   Spirit 304 Valiant 311 Valiant  HD 312 Valiant  SHD 313 Oasis Companion 314


  5. Tuffcare Hospital Beds Hospital Beds T1000 T1500 T2000  T3000 T4000 T5048 .T5054

  6. Wheelchairs of Kansas Bariatric Heavy-Duty Hospital Beds


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Best selection of hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses.  If you are in the market for an invacare hospital bed, or a Tuffcare Medical Bed, or Transfer Master Bariatric Beds, or Span America Bariatric Bed Mattresses; we offer the best selection of  medicare hospitalbeds and hospitalbed mattresses.  We will bill medicare for you and offer you semi-electric and the fully electric medicare bed.  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort.  Select a disability bed for your personal use, and take a health break.  Handicapped beds are available from the Invacare hospital bed collection; and from the Wheelchairs of Kansas Bariatric Hospital beds collection.  If you need a hospital bed rental; or looking for hospital beds for sale; whether the standard weight capacity or the heavy duty bariatric hospital bed, we have the best price, quality, guarantee and service for hospital beds for home use.  Hospital bed manufacturers include Tuffcare, Invacare, Graham Field Patriot and Drive Medical.  We have the USA's lowest hospital bed cost.  Choose from the most electric hospital beds sizes and electric hospital bed mattresses.  Used hospital beds for sale at 1/2 OFF the Regular price.  The fastest delivery on the medicare hospital bed for home use.  We have hospital beds for rent; and please call us for hospital bed dimensions.  Hospital bed rentals rent for a week, or the monthly hospital bed rental; or the medicar hospital beds rental.  Hospital bed Used are 1/2 OFF the regular price.  Rent hospital beds with an option to buy.  The electric bed mattress comes standard with a vinyl covered innerspring or foam electric bed mattress.  Adjustable hospital beds are so easy to use, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to get a good night's sleep.  Call for Used hospital bed, or rent hospital bed, or get the best prices for hospital bed for sale.  Please visit our hospital bed showrooms or contact us for more hospital bed information.